Monday, March 1, 2010


I originally had an idea for the Haiti t-shirts revolving around a puzzle concept and making Haiti into puzzle pieces scattered on the front and then on the back having the puzzle pieces put together with the country as a whole to show how if we make a difference we can “Piece Haiti back together”. Since we are not doing the t-shirts anymore I was thinking about how to put this together for Scholars day. Since I am not an art major I was brainstorming what I could do for writing to contribute to the art. Then I think I figured it out.

Either as a group or individually we could come up with a written piece related to the concept of making a difference and the puzzle concept or an art piece related to the Congo and what we are focusing on. After the written piece is created we could create it into a puzzle. On the back of each puzzle piece we will number each one to make it easier to match it to the original art piece. Depending on the number of people who attend on Scholar’s Day we will distribute a puzzle piece to each person. We will also have a blank board or something where we will place the puzzle pieces to their original destination eventually putting together the entire puzzle and then presenting it to the audience in the end to show how every person can make a different and by working together we can make a difference. If one person doesn’t participate then a puzzle piece is missing just reiterating the importance of everyone being able to make a difference.

I also was thinking that we could use this piece as something for Neovox to save as a memory of what we did on campus Scholar’s day 2010. Maybe we could have that puzzle in a shadow box with glass over it and the end result inside.

This would probably be easier to explain in person.

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