Friday, March 12, 2010

Ideas for Scholars Day

I'm having trouble uploading a picture of my sketches, so I will hopefully have that sometime this weekend. Until then, here's my artist statement, a description of what I want to do for my two panels and some ideas for the sounds to be played in the background.

Artist Statement: My intendion is to give people a different perspective on statistics about the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Numbers mean little to nothing for many people so by physically showing them how the numbers add up, they can gain a better understanding of how the people of the DRC are affected.

Panel 1: I want to create a small symbol and repeat it in order to physically represent a statistic. I was thinking about using a statistic about how many people died in a specific amount of time (day/week/month) and then create a very simple coffin shape to represent each person.

I did the math and found out that each panel can be divided into 27,648 1/16" by 1/16" squares. I want to find a statistic close to that number because I want to fill the page with as many symbols as possible, but I don't want them to be so small that the person can't see what it really is.

Panel 2: I'm trying to find a comparison between the Congo and a well-known place in the US. Although there are tragic things happening to the people of the DRC, people can emotionally detach themselves from something they're not familiar with. So by trying to show these things happening to people that they can relate to, hopefully it will have a greater impact on the viewer.

Sticker Idea: I want put a short phrase on the sticker, something that will catch a person's attention. Possibly controversial. Underneath the phrase, there could be a web address to a Neovox webpage about the Scholar's Day event. I feel that it would be better because we only have a limited amount of space on the sticker, so by making a short phrase as big as possible on the sticker and directing them to a website, we can give them much more information than what we could on just the sticker.

Sounds: gunfire in the distance, screaming in the distance, crying. I feel that the screaming and gunfire can be overpowering, so by putting it in the distance, it won't be as harsh but can still get the point across. The sound of someone crying can be pretty powerful and I feel that it should play by itself because the other sounds can take away from it.

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