Saturday, February 27, 2010

After talking about all the things that are affecting the war in congo, especially our use in cell phones, I wanted to know more. I researched sites on google including the V-Day site that explains a little about there effort to stop the trade of the main minerals in cell phones that the world uses today.

"Tin- often used on circuit boards, and used on cell phones and all electric products.

_Tantalum- or coltan is often used in ipods, digital cameras and cell phones

_Tungsten- used to make our cell phones vibrate."

Its interesting after knowing that a simple mineral is affecting part of the raping in congo is something that we don't take for granite. Sometimes I don't even realize that everytime my phone vibrates or is charging, It continues to use that mineral.

visit this website and it explains an article about our electronics causing the war in congo.

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